The foundation work of Food Engineering Department in Istanbul Technical University started in 1987 lead by Prof. Dr. İhsan ÇATALTAŞ who was an academic member of Chemical Engineering Department. The department went into action in the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical by admitting its first students in1990-1991 academic years. Since1995 about 30 new students had admitted to our undergraduate program, in 2004 quota of the department became 40 and raised to 50 students in 2008.  

As a viewpoint of "Quality management in education" vision of our university, in 1997 education plan is altered and total credits decreased to 150.5 hours from 180 hours, obligatory prep class and 30% education in English settled into our program. Furthermore optional English supported education was removed. Continuous development perspective of our department has been in progress by updating education program.

In 1992, post graduate program and in 1995, doctoral program got started within the body of the Institute of Science, Postgraduate education program was reconsidered and completely revised in 2000. Undergraduate program of our department came under the international equivalence rule of American Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) and since 2004 our department was accepted equivalent to food engineering department of the U.S. This assessment was renewed in 2010 and accreditation was extended until end of the year 2016.