Due to a clearer understanding of the relationship between food and health, urbanization, increase of the working population and changes in lifestyle, there has been increasing demand for food products with high safety, nutritional value, sensory quality and storage stability. In addition, food security and sustainable food production systems are required for nutrition and health for future generations. In this respect, we are conducting research in various fields of food science and technology to meet the needs of food industry, government and general public.  The research areas of the department includes:

- Development of safe, high quality and nutritious functional food products

- Production of food ingredients from natural resources

- Valorization of food waste and by-products by extraction of value-added and/or bioactive components via cost-efficient novel extraction processes (ultrasound, microwave, enzyme-assisted, SC-CO2)

-Enhancement of functional properties and stability of food ingredients through use of encapsulation techniques (electrospinning, coating and liposome production)

-Production of functional food components by microbial fermentation and enzymatic conversions from food wastes

- Determination of bioaccessibility, functionality, physicochemical and sensory properties and stability of bioactive components in existing and new food products

- Development of biobased and/or active packaging materials.

- Novel food processing technologies (Irradiation, UV, ultrasound, ozone, microwave, modified atmospheres, cold plasma) for improvement of quality and nutritional value and extension of shelf life of foods

-Investigation of alternative protein sources