Scholarships and Awards

ITU Food Engineering Department give various awards in order to reward and promote the successful students.

The students who want to apply for the awards should provide the requirements of the award, fill in an application form along with his/ her current transcript submitted to the secretariat of the department. The deadline for applications are announced each year by the Department.  The selection will be among  the students who have applications. 

Food Industry Performance Awards

Food Industry Performance Awards is given to the most successful of three sophomores (completed at least 35 credits in Food Engineering programme) who applied for the award .

Pelin Köz Performance Awards

Pelin Köz Performance Awards is given to the most successful of three juniors (completed at least 75 credits in Food Engineering programme ) who applied for the award.

Ömer Duruk Performance Awards

Ömer Duruk Performance Awards is given to the most successful of three seniors (completed at least 110 credits in Food Engineering programme) who applied for the award.


The Application Form for the Awards

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- Who is Pelin Köz?

She has graduated from our department getting the third degree in the year 2002 and passed away in 2004, in memory of her, this performance award has been arranged. Pelin Köz who was extremely hardworking, besides her organizational talents, also with her kindness, warmness, her love of her job and eagerness to learn, has left deep scars within ourselves. The aim of this award is to imbalm her by rewarding students as successful as her. This award was supported by Fatih ÖZGÜN for several years and was supported by Elvan Gıda San. Tic. A.Ş. last year.

The Life Story of Pelin Köz

After her graduation by getting the third degree in year 2002, she was accepted for the post graduate program of the department. At the same time, she began working at Güllüoğlu company as a food engineer. In a very short time, she completed a project about diabetic baklava.

In 2003, she was accepted to the postgraduate program of Food Science Department of Oklahoma State University by winning a scholarship. In USA, she had an infection and returned back to Turkey but unfortunately she passed away unexpectedly at 25 September 2004.

Pelin had a publication during her very short academic life. This publication was presented in IFT Annual Meeting Las Vegas in 2004, when she was having a treatment.

Her publication:

Köz, P.,  Boyacıoğlu, D. & Özçelik, B. 2004. Development of a functional Turkish desert: Dietetic and diabetic baklava. IFT 2004 Annual Meeting &  Food Expo,July 12-16, 2004, Las Vegas, USA.”

- Who is Ömer Duruk?

Ömer Duruk was born in Antalya/Akseki in 1921. In 1933, in order to pay off his father's debt after his bankrupt, he started his business life without capital when he was 12 years old. At the beginning of his business life, he had dispensation from the ministry of finance to be a tax payer because of being underage. He was the top tax-paying businessman at the age op 15 in Akseki in 1935. During the war years he started producing 150 hand looms canvas as ‘Toros’ brand with his women employees. He has sold some of these products in Sultanhamam.

Mr. Ömer Duruk continued his commercial life by selling goods such as leather, apricot seed,almond seed, salep and wax in İstanbul. In 1945, he moved to Konya. He began his work by selling textiles. In 1949, he bought an agency of Petrol Office. He had 7 gas station around Konya. In 1957, he established Konya Pasta Flour and Semolina Factory. During the 20 years of his job experience in Konya, he became the top tax-payer several times.

In 1958, he started to export leather in İstanbul. He had new gasoline stations in İstanbul. Also he started selling trucks, cars, rubber tyre and several kinds of replacement parts. His firms selling these goods are still active.

In 1968, he was the co-founder of Aroma Bursa Fruit Juice Factory and he had the main offices of this firm in Istanbul and Trakya regions.

In 1970, he established Gelik Restaurant in the coastal road in Bakırköy. In the same years, he established leather processing facilities in Kazlıçeşme.

In 1988, he started İreks Food Factory in which pastry goods are being produced in Turkish and German partnership in Çerkezköy.

In the same years, he bought the 99% of Aroma Factory. By continuously increasing the production and export capacity of this factory, this factory became within the top 250 companies in Turkey. Then he established Bursa Kestel water facilities in addition to fruit juice facilities. By establishing Aroma Karaman fruit juice facilities, it became one of the fastest growing firms in beverage sector.

Duruk group of companies have employment approximately for 2000 workers.

Because of his success during his business life, in the competition of‘World Entrepreneur of the year 2004’ which was given by Ernst&Young, the jury gave him the lifelong entrepreneur award.

Ömer Duruk had many social responsibility projects and had many works besides his business life. These works are military facilities, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, mosques, student residences.

He had worked as president of associations in many associations, foundations and charities especially in Akseki.

Ömer Duruk loved Akseki where he was born. He used all his facilities for the development of Akseki. He was married and had 3 children and died in 16 August in 2005.

After his death, his children were given ‘TBMM outstanding service award’ because of his outstanding services during his life.

Dr. Mehmet Çetin Duruk who is one of three children of him, is a member of advisory committee of the Food Engineering Department at İTÜ.

Food Industry Performance Awards

This award will be given in each academic year to the successful students of our department by the support of TUGİS (Turkısh Food&Beverage Industry Employers Assocıatıon). Our goal is, to support the education of engineers who had the qualities that food industry needs, problem solving and who have professional ethics.