Besides “Food Engineering” bachelor graduates, graduates from other bachelors’ programs are also accepted to Food Engineering Master Program (B.Sc. in Food Engineering, Food Science, Food Technology, Biosystems Engineering, other related majors). However, after 2002-2003 semester, “Scientific Preparatory Program” is applied to master students who do not have Food Engineering formation.

Bachelors from “Food Engineering” and students who have “Food Engineering” master degree can apply for Doctorate Program. Moreover, “Food Engineer” candidates with 3.8/4.0 or 95.33/100 GPA grades can apply to Doctorate Program directly.

Student candidates must fill up “Information Form” and send to "" before one week from interview.

Application Requirements for the Programme

 Evaluation criteria are reassessed for each semester. However, application criteria for 2016-2017 fall semester are listed below to give information to candidates.

  Grade ALES GRE


2.75/4.0 or 70,83/100 75 700/155
Doctorate Masters degree grade 3.0/4.0 or 76.66/100 orBachelor's degree grade 3.8/4.0 or 95.33/100 75 700/155

Candidates having Food Engineering Bachelor's or Food Engineering Masters’ degree can make an application to Food Engineering doctorate programme. Senate basis are required just for candidates having Food Engineering bachelor diploma.