This is a graduate program under the Department of Food Engineering, provides training in master and doctorate level. Food Engineering Graduate Program consists of 12 credits of 4 compulsory courses, elective 500 coded 11 lectures and 600 coded 12 lectures.

All graduate students must pass the noncredit "Scientific Research, Ethic & Seminar" course (for master program course code 596, for PhD code 696).

12 courses opened in the program are in English.

There is no required course in the PhD program.


M.Sc Courses

CodeFallLocal Credits
GID501E Food Analysis: Theory and Applications (C) 3
 Engineering Mathematic (C) 3
CodeSpringLocal Credits
GID502 Statistics (C) 3
GID514E Novel Food Process. Tech. (C) 3

Elective Courses

CodeFallLocal Credits
GID503 Food Safety Systems 3
GID505 Num. Analysis App. İn Food Process Modelling 3
GID507 Food Product Development 3
GID513 Advanced Food Microbiology 3
GID512E Fund. of Baking and Pasta Process. 3
CodeSpringLocal Credits
GID506E Food Stability 3
GID504 Food Fermentation Processes 3
GID510E Nutritional Changes During Food Process. 3
GID511 Food Toxicology 3
GID523E Advanced Tech. in Dairy Processing 3

Ph.D. Courses

CodeFallLocal Credits
GID601E Food Research and Experimental Design 3
GID603E Advanced Food Biochemistry 3
GID607E Postharvest Phys. of Fruits and Vegetables 3
GID611 Functional Foods 3
GID608 Food Preservation by Moisture Cont. 3
GID605E Nutritional Biochemistry 3
CodeSpringLocal Credits
GID602E Food Proteins 3
GID604E Food Carbohydrates 3
GID610 Food –borne Pathogenic Microorganisms 3
GID612 Mycotoxigenic Molds 3
GID609E Food Lipids 3
GID613E Phase and State Transitions in Foods 3