What is food engineering? What does food engineer do?

Food Engineering is an engineering discipline in which the basic sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology) find application in the fields of food processing, preservation, transporting, marketing and production of new foods.

The main tasks of a food engineer include production of food with high nutritional value and safety, developing new processing techniques through biochemical, technological and economical evaluations, adding values to foodstuffs, reduction of food waste, protection of foods in terms of quality and quantity, using available  raw materials in various perspectives to increase number of food products.

Food engineers participate in all processes and stages in the food production and consumption chain from the field/farm to the table/consumption.  They aim to present in a wide range of functional products with nutritious, hygienic, free from chemical residues for all consumer groups (astronauts, babies, adults, old persons, pregnant and groups intended for particular nutritional uses).

Today, food engineers can work in almost every stage of production/consumption chain of various sub-sector of food industry: production, quality control, research-development, distribution, marketing and purchasing department of food manufacturing companies.  They also work as a food safety auditor in several audit/observance firms, as an expert in special food laboratories, and as expert in government (Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Turkish Standards Institution, Public Treasury, Customs).

University Entrance Exam (ÖSYM) Scores and Ranking

Our department has ranked second among Food Engineering departments in Turkey according to the central exam that is applied by OSYM. According to 2022 exam results, the highest score was 489.31 (the success order 24,777), the lowest score was 445.95(the success order 60,217) for the students that were admitted to our department.