According to the article 2 of “ITU Senate Principles regarding the attainment, submission and examination of graduation projects” in order to be enrolled onto the graduation project course, a student shall be obliged to have completed at least 110 credit hours and to have enrolled for all of their required courses. After these requirements have been fulfilled, registration can be done at the end of the add/drop week that announced in academic calendar.

Students who meet these conditions should fill out “Graduate Thesis Student Form” with their preferences of topic and advisor and submit to the Department Head. According to the academic calendar, deadline of the submission of this form is at the end of the add/drop week. This form is located within the documents.

Students, who enrolled in the graduation project, prepare the theoretical or practical thesis study under the guidance of the instructor or lecturer taking into consideration “Food Engineering Department Preparation Guidelines for Graduation Project”.

All issues related with the graduation project are described within “Food Engineering Department Graduation Project Principles”. Principles are located in the documents. The list of the graduation projects is also accessible in the documents.

For the documents please refer to Turkish page.