Our graduates have the knowledge and skills of research and development, are knowledgeable and creative in designing new products and processing systems, can successfully work in national and international food industry organizations and research institutions operating in the sector. As engineers, they act with ethical, social, economic and environmental responsibilities and global awareness.

Ensuring the continuity of communication with our graduates is extremely important as part of our continuous improvement in education. In this context, we aim to constantly update the database of our graduates' contact information and their work experiences. Various tools are used for this purpose.

Communication with alumni

1) Please fill out “Alumni Information Form” and send by fax (0212 285 7333) or e-mail (food@itu.edu.tr).

2) You can subscribe to the alumni e-mail list by sending an e-mail to "gida-mezun@itu.edu.tr" or to “food@itu.edu.tr".

3) You can be a member in the Linkedin group “ITU Food Engineering Department”.